The Story Behind Ciarán’s Bags

So I wanted to write a little about the background behind ‘Ciarán’s Bags’ and why it is so important.

August 2012 I had my second child Molly. She was born at 28 weeks, before this time I had never even heard of the Neonatel Intensive Care Unit nicu. At the time I was working as a Healthcare Assistant at Queens Medical Centre  “QMC”, Nottingham and I went into work one Saturday on a night shift and never left the hospital again until nearly two months later. I went into early labour that night and a whole new world opened up for me that I never knew existed.

Molly was born very premature and taken straight to the Neonatel Intensive Care unit, a place which would become home to me for the next few months.

I spent the first three years of Molly’s life in and out of hospital and there were times when my eldest was also in there so as you can imagine I spent a lot of time in different children’s wards.

In April 2019 Ciarán was born at 34 weeks after a very turbulent pregnancy and a lot lot of in & out of hospital again. My children started to call QMC - My hospital. Ciarán had a rough entrance to the world and yet again I was entering the Neonatel Intensive Care Unit.

For the first year of Ciarán’s life I was back in and out of the same hospital, we also entered the world of Paediatric Intensive Care Unit; another world where you can not explain unless you have been in there.

Parents get put into these new worlds everyday and their whole life’s are turned upside down. 

The idea of ‘Ciarán’s Bags’ is to try & help a little in a families time of need. They are filled with items such as toiletries, water bottle, coffee mug, slipper socks, snacks & some personal items. You don’t plan to go to these units so you haven’t packed a bag, you have nothing which happened to me a lot, so to be handed a bag like this would have meant the world to me.

I want to be able to just give a little back to the two units that saved two of my children more then once.