Our Story!

Hi, I’m Sarah,

I wanted to introduce myself and tell you all about how & why Ciarán’s Cupboard was born.

I have three children, Niamh 18, Molly 9 & Ciarán is 3. 

In 2012 when I was 27 weeks pregnant with Molly I was working at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham as a Healthcare Assistant, on a night shift I went into early labour, which then led me to a whole new world The Neonatal Unit.

I went from my shift at work to the labour suite that night and two days later Molly was born a minute into my 28th Week of pregnancy. I had not bought a single thing yet as it never even crossed my mind that my baby might arrive early. I had no baby bag not nothing. My night shift turned into months at the hospital.

Over the first three years of Molly’s life Qmc became my second home, there were times when I had both children in there on different wards. Niamh my eldest had some of her own health problems too which had us sometimes seeing admissions for her, which as you can imagine was hard work, and if you have ever sat by a hospital bed with a little plastic cup of water and haven’t been able to even brush your teeth, you just want that bit of home comfort eg. Your own toothbrush and a water bottle.

April 2019 Ciarán was born at 34 Weeks after a very long stay and lots of scares along the way. The amazing family on Ward B26 at Qmc became my family again.

We then entered the Neonatal Unit again, thankfully only for a week this time, but after a week at home we were back in hospital again, our little man had sepsis along with Group B Strep & meningitis, a stay on Paediatric Intensive Care Unit & various children’s wards again. Ciarán fully recovered but this was not the end of our hospital stay’s. Our poor little man ended up yet again in Picu in January 2020 with Coronavirus.

After a very scary first year we now have a very happy, healthy little man, who had come a long way.

Queen’s Medical Centre were amazing, I owe everything to them for saving two of my babies life’s. Every ward I stayed on I can’t fault, but my experiences made me realise that more is needed for families which sometimes is not possible for all the wards to provide. I wanted to give something back & also help families in the same situations this is where the idea for ‘Ciarán’s Bags’ was born.

I started ‘Ciarán’s Cupboard in the summer of 2020. I had lots of Ciarán’s clothes that he had never got to wear and having my first boy after two girls I had gone a little crazy, so I decided to start selling the clothes on Instagram, the aim was to give them a second lot of love at affordable prices. Helping families out all while helping the environment.

This really took off so I was able to then start using the profits to create ‘Ciarán’s Bags’ these are bags full of items which I feel are needed when you first arrive on to the Neonatal Unit or any of the Children’s Wards.

You can read all about ‘Ciarán’s Bags here:

My hopes for the future are to get Ciarán’s Bags to as many units & wards as we can, so by buying, selling or donating on our preloved website you are all becoming apart of that. Thank you so much.

If you have made it to the bottom of this thank you so much for reading my story of how Ciarán’s Cupboard started and my hopes for the future of ‘Ciarán’s Bags’

Pop & say hi anytime my inbox is always open.

Love Sarah x