Ciarán's Bags


Being in hospital with your child is one of the worst times in your life. Sat there often helpless, not aware of what is happening, no idea of what your child is going through is one of the toughest experiences you will ever encounter. The last thing on your mind during this time is yourself but it's yourself that needs to be strong for your child. Simple daily activities, routines, comforts go out the window; you watch and wait for news with hope and forget everything else. It's in these situations where we want our bags to help. We want our bags to provide some of the basic comforts that you find are so far away when in the hospital environment.

We want to give just one smile to those families that find themselves in these hard times.

So how do we plan on achieving this? We will use profits from our website along with, Fundraising. Events, & more.

Donations really help the bags to be able to go further! If you would like to get involved and are able to donate any preloved children's clothing, books or any other items, these items will be sold on our website with all money generated used to fill the bags.

You can also donate items that you believe can go straight to the bags. Items such as slipper socks, small toiletries, notebooks & pens, travel bottles and mugs; all basic things but things that mean more in the situations the families receiving our bags are going through. Anything you think will make a difference to the bags is more than welcomed.

Thank you so much and please get in contact below or reach out on any of our social platforms.